We're making the workplace human

About Glassmoon

Glassmoon has decades of experience operating multi-site services in health, social care, and education.

On the ground experience has taught us that building a market-leading organisation depends on the creativity, critical thinking and interpersonal skills of everyone involved. For those working directly with the most vulnerable members of our society, this environment can be extremely satisfying and give a sense of purpose and meaning. But it can also be a complex, demanding and thankless task.

As a team, we have over sixty years’ experience of working in the healthcare, childcare, work/life services and social care sectors and successfully scaling organisations by putting our people first. This combined with our deep understanding of culture change and strategic digital transformation, puts us in the perfect position to evolve businesses for the future. Our experiences defined our approach of ‘Purpose-People-Performance’.

We build deeply human businesses to create a meaningful and positive experience for both those delivering and receiving services.