Offering real choice and independence for the people we support

Glassmoon Services

Glassmoon Services will provide registered care homes, supported living and outreach services. We aim to offer real choice and independence for the people we support. These services will be clustered throughout the South West of England, creating supportive community spaces for those working with us.

Over 20 years’ experience within the complex care sector tells us that outstanding, person-centred services are created from purpose-led and people-driven teams. We use co-production, partnership and collaboration strategies to ensure those delivering and receiving services become their “best” selves.

Glassmoon Services is aligned with our commitment to have a positive impact on the people we support and their families, those we work with, and others in the wider community and society.

As part of Glassmoon Services, we integrate technology and data analytics into the everyday activities of our services, which positively transforms outcomes for everyone.