Changing the world of work for the better.

The Way We Work is Changing

Work is changing. In the space of a few months, COVID-19 has created a global shift towards remote working, with shares in teleconferencing companies booming in defiance of the economic slump. It’s clear that after the crisis is over businesses will evaluate their policies and change the way their organisation is run as employee expectations shift permanently. More than ever, the working practices of the healthcare, social, and education sectors are under the spotlight as we witness just how ‘key’ they are.

But even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the gig economy and advances in technology have made it easier for people to move away from traditional models of working. Young workers are particularly transient, with high mobility between companies and sectors. Successful organisations will adapt to the expectations the new world of work brings – the amount of time spent at work, the need for better wellbeing and the emphasis on individual choice.

At the same time, in-work poverty and rising employment insecurity has prompted the need for innovative solutions to ensure financial wellbeing at work and the creation of a happier healthier workforce. Shifts in demographics and changing attitudes further emphasise the changes taking place in our society – it is vital that the world of work adapts to respond to them.

The technological revolution, or the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, is dramatically changing the way we live, work, and relate to each other. Technology has altered the way we do so many things in our day to day lives, but employers still have a lot of catching up to do. People can book a holiday across the world with all the trimmings at the tap of a screen, yet often booking the time off is a Stone Age process in comparison.

Technology has already changed our lives in ways none of us could imagine. To make sure the impact of this change is positive both for employees and their employers, organisations need to ensure that people are at the very heart of their thinking. A people-centric strategy with a robust, data-driven evidence base informs a clearer purpose and sense of fulfilment for employees and increased performance for employers.

How organisations adapt to these changes will dictate their success in the 21st century. That’s where Glassmoon comes in. Glassmoon Group, with a wealth of experience and proven tactics and ideas, has launched to respond to these modern dilemmas and change the world of work for the better. It is no accident that our work is focused on supporting the health, social and education sectors, and the people that our country needs the most. We are here to make a tangible difference and improve the way these sectors work for everyone.